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The two are happily reunited, and Alex helps Piper deal with Madison Murphy, her bullying bunkmate. Alex becomes suspicious when Lolly Whitehall, a new inmate originally seen in Chicago, comes to the prison and she assumes that Kubra sent Lolly to kill her.

After being rebuffed on her attempt to show the company that they were wasting fabric and could make an extra pair of underwear with each sheet, she uses the extra fabric to start a used panty business with her brother Cal, recruits some of the other inmates to wear the panties, and uses Officer Bayley to smuggle the panties out of the prison.

Consultants handle social media, IT, human resources, PR, business strategy, pretty much you name it. Horrified, and high on amphetamines from some pills she took, Red becomes obsessed with finding ways to take Piscatella down, and eventually finds what she believes are humiliating pictures of him, though she later discovers that he is not embarrassed by them at all.

Bex Fowler

On 24 September, he reached the final on Day 29 and was voted as the winner of the series. Ugoalah is the only person in this series from Canada. McCulloch became the project manager in week two but was fired by Lord Sugar for his bad managerial skills.

Later, she was able to get her swastika altered into a window, with the help of Red, Norma, and Alex, and she apologizes to Alex for not believing her during the branding.

Lindsay Booth[ edit ] Age: In the later part of the season, she begins to suspect that Vinny is cheating on her with her sister, despite her having asked her sister to go and visit him herself, and ends up angrily accusing both of infidelity. Bex rejects Sonia as she has been living away from them, and they become further estranged when Martin reveals she is having a lesbian relationship with Tina Carter.

Upon arriving in prison, Red had helped her through her worst bouts of cold turkey. At the end of the second season, Lorna allows Rosa to steal the van after finding out that she only had a few weeks to live so that she would not die in prison.

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Initially optimistic, her appeal is denied, and in a fit of anger she nearly strangles a prison guard in grief, and is immediately transferred to a maximum security prison with an extended sentence.

An African-American, she was raised by an adoptive middle class white couple who later had another daughter named Grace during Suzanne's childhood.

List of The Apprentice candidates (UK series 10)

In week three Lord Sugar warned Dales that if her team lost she would be fired- luckily for her, her team won. In prison, she acquires several other nicknames throughout the series. In the fourth season, Tiffany remains worried that Coates is raping Maritza, and continues to avoid him.

Bex is told she can return to school, but when Martin returns her phone, she only receives abuse, so she decides to do an apprenticeship, which Martin disagrees with her doing.

When the school closes early, Bex, Louise, Shakil and Keegan take a bus home, but the driver suffers a heart attack and drives through the market and into the viaduct.

When Yvonne "Vee" Parker enters the prison and forms an African-American gang, Suzanne falls for Vee's charms and maternal influence, being exploited into becoming Vee's "muscle. She is overjoyed at Nicky's return from max, but declines when Nicky tries to convince her to restart their relationship.

As a result, Google pulled out of the deal in November Despite her disgust with the white supremacist gang, she hangs out with them for protection from Maria's gang, but she is still kidnapped by Maria and branded with a swastika.

Roisin Hogan[ edit ] Age: Nicky was involved in a friends-with-benefits relationship with Lorna until Lorna broke it off, which Nicky is bitter about for some time, but she later develops a brief interest in Alex. Consulting has very low barriers to entry compared to product-based businesses or service-based businesses that need multiple employees.

Her parents tried to provide her with the best care growing up, but, despite their love, Suzanne felt pushed by her mother to accomplish things that she was afraid to do. Eventually, after finally getting her medication back, she remembers enough to tell the officers that neither she nor Cindy were in the bunker, and to explain why she previously suggested she had been.

Later, she and Piper are kidnapped by Piscatella, and bear witness to his torture of Red.

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In the third season, he enlists the help of Red to mediate between the two and bridge the language gap, however Red ends up lambasting his wife and defending Healy as a "good man". Eventually, after finally getting her medication back, she remembers enough to tell the officers that neither she nor Cindy were in the bunker, and to explain why she previously suggested she had been.

It is not clear if she was convicted for her business, the killing, or both. She is always accompanied by Norma and Gina, who cater to her needs and work with her in the kitchen.

NextEra Energy Resources sold Google a twenty-percent stake in the project to get funding for its development. After Piscatella is released, she and the other inmates in the bunker stand together as the riot team breaches the bunker.

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After the incident, she and Alex start having sex again. She adopts a goth fashion style and insists on being referred to by her former name, Chloe before deciding to stick by the nick name of Rebecca which is Bex.

Bianca is an award winning entrepreneur, motivational speaker and brand ambassador who is passionate about personal development, personal branding and the empowerment of individuals and businesses to becoming better versions of themselves.

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The Apprentice: the final proves you must know your market

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Bianca on Twitter / Instagram / Bianca Miller London website / Be Group website / Self Made: The definitive guide to business startup success *** This interview first appeared on the F = blog.

Bianca miller business plan
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